The 5 Luckiest Motorcycle Drivers of All Time

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If you’ve decided to take the plunge and commit to the dangerous hobby of riding a street bike, we’re going to assume you’re already someone who considers themselves fairly lucky.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that electing to travel public roads by sport bike is the transportation equivalent of Russian roulette — sorry bikers, but there’s a reason the term “organ donors” has been used in reference to your particular breed of crazy.

If you ride a street bike or a chopper or any form of two-wheeled road-going apparatus, we certainly don’t wish any harm on you, but take it from these guys, things can get hectic — fast. Here are five of the luckiest riders we’ve seen on film:

1. Jumping on the Bed

This unsuspecting motorcyclist falls victim to the ever-present hazard of unsecured debris from the back of a pick-up truck. Thankfully for him, the payload in the back of the truck turns out to be the ideal landing pad for highway collisions.

2. That Just Happened

Someone get Stan Lee on the phone because the guy in this video deserves his own mini-series. Seriously, we’re not even sure this is real, but once you see it, we think you’ll agree that this level of evasive maneuvering deserves credit, even if it is fake.


This gentleman is very composed in his interview with the news reporter, which speaks to his steely nerves. Clearly, these are the same nerves that allowed him to land on his feet after his follow motorist blew a red light. Think he hangs out with the dude in video two? You bet.

4. On the Track

Riding a street bike in traffic is scary enough, but racing one by choice is on another level. When things get hectic in sport bike racing, there is the very real chance that life and limb can be lost on a grand scale. All the more reason it’s impressive that those involved in this wreck lived to tell of it.

5. Gun Pulled

For something a little different, here’s a clip of a guy riding with a group of his friends. Only, the occupants of a Dodge pick-up truck in the other lane don’t really appreciate the road manners of his (seemingly respectful) buddies. In the words of Ron Burgundy “that escalated quickly!”


So, biker friends, remember to be like the guy in video number three and practice ATGATT, particularly if you’re following someone with Texas plates. Also, practice your mattress belly-flops and get very familiar with somersaults and barrel rolls. You may want to take up Judo.

In all seriousness, if you ride, please do so safely. The best thing you can do to avoid collisions is to make your bike brighter by adding addition lights, keeping it clean, and adding reflective tape. Then let these examples be a lesson of just how quickly things can make riding a bike a life-threatening choice, and take every precaution so you don’t wind up in a situation like these. After all, leathers and body armor cost way less than a hospital bill, or worse, a funeral.

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