5 of the Craziest Car Garages. I’d take Number 3 Any Day!

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Ahh, to be incredibly rich. We’re all going to make it someday, right? In the meantime, are you wondering what to do after you make your first few million or billion? Take a look at some of these crazy car garages for inspiration. When you take lots of resources, a big interest in cars and the need to store all those amazing vehicles, it’s incredible how things can come together.

Without further ado, here are five insane car garages from all over the U.S.

5. The Toy Box


If you’re afraid of getting the floor dirty, does it really count as a garage? We’re going to go with yes, especially when the garage looks as good as this. The Toy Box, owned by Dick DeLuna in California, is a barn converted to house his collection of cars. Actually, it only has some of his cars.  This is just one of three garages DeLuna owns.

 4. Jay Leno’s Treasures


No list of the most insane car garages would be complete without mentioning Jay Leno. The former host of The Tonight Show has always been a big gear head, and since leaving his full-time TV gig he’s had even more time to dedicate to the garage. There are about 100 vehicles from the ‘40s, more than 115 motorcycles and even a roadster once owned by Howard Hughes. Leno’s entire collection is documented in detail with videos on his website. The garage is so big that it has its own TV Show and Facebook page with 630,000 fans.

 3. The Underground Lair


Any retired man should have a hobby to keep busy. Former software engineer Tom Gonzalez lives that to the fullest. After selling his company, he built a dream garage on Lake Tahoe. He has a “standard” garage that looks like a fancy house, but the coolest part is the underground garage that’s accessed by a 60-foot-long elevator. If it wasn’t full of cars and motorcycles, it’d make the perfect secret base for a gang of super villains. If that applies to you, the home is on the market for $25 million

2. This Chicago Loft


When you and I are working on our garage, we have a few choices. Like what kind of lighting to put up or which garage doors to install.  Tom Gonzalez gets to decide things like “how should I arrange my 15 exotic cars?” This 15,000-square-foot loft and garage was considered one of the most expensive garages in the world when it was put up for sale, partly due to its prime location in Chicago. The collection of cars is impressive, and there’s even a modest basketball court. Just be careful not to miss and hit a car!

1. Ralph Lauren’s Color-Coded Collection


Hoarding is an unfortunate and unpleasant thing, but it might be OK when the items in question are some of the rarest cars on the planet. Some people might say Ralph Lauren’s clothing company is overrated, but his garage is appropriately well regarded and has received lots of justified press. The fashion designer is particular about his style, and his museum-like garage proves that. There’s even a color scheme, with the Ferraris being red, the Jaguars green and the Porsches black.

So… which one would you pick, and what would you put in it?

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